Sweden Map
- v. 1.2 -

If you like playing Ticket to ride. Here is a free map over Sweden.To play this sweden map you need a original Ticket to ride game!

Ticket to Ride is copyright by Alan R. Moon and Days of Wonder

- This (Sweden) map is 100% free and can´t be sold in any way.

How can I play this map?

You will need: Printer, 10 A4 paper. (as a suggestion thick paper), a pair of scissorsa and tape.
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1. Start with clicking on the tub nails below and save the large image (right click --> save image... Open the images in Photoshop and print them out, one at a time. There will be a white boarder around every print-out. Cut that away

2. Do the same with the Sweden missions.

3. Read the new rules.

4. Play and have fun.
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Feel free to send feedback or questions to my mail

TWO new rules

Rule 1: X 2000 can only be bought with locomotive

Rule 2: Harbour- and flight routes is build as ordinary routs. But it cost you 10 or 20 points. This points is direct removed from your score. You can´t build a harbour or flight rout before you have the points it cost. As ordinary you get one point for building a singel train routh.

What does the Harbour- and flightstretch do?
It gives (unlimeted) connection between the two named cities.

You can´t in any way count this rout when you are counting for the longest stretch.

// Gustaf Andersson (www.roselike.com))